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All requests welcomed

Trinity welcomes all requests for weddings and will perform marriages for couples of all sexual orientation and gender identity, except if there is evidence of serious abuse. We would be delighted to be a part of this special aspect of your life’s journey.

​Trinity United Church Community Centre is dedicated to supporting people of all ages, backgrounds and beliefs with meaningful ceremonies to acknowledge the important transitions in their life journeys. Our leaders include Atheists, Wiccans, Spiritualists and Christians. We are gay and transgendered supportive.​

Collaborating at Work

Your tastes and spiritual styles

​Both within our beautiful facility or at your chosen wedding site, our wedding officiants and ministers will help you and your partner construct a service that reflects your tastes and spiritual styles. You may have a service of your own in mind, but most couples enjoy our Wedding Construction Kit that is filled with options for each part of a ceremony, including ‘sand ceremonies’ and the ‘broom jumping ceremony’ for those from an African heritage.


Whether you want a ceremony that has no God language or you desire your wedding to be a profound moment of worship or something in-between, our role is to assist you in creating a meaningful experience you will treasure for a lifetime.


Professional musicians

​We have other professional musicians available to work with you to provide the ambiance you have dreamed of for your special ceremony, reception or both. Whether you want a soloist or a full band, we can accommodate you at a very reasonable cost.


​Our Junior Hall is also available at no cost for a get together after your rehearsal if you wish.

Plan your wedding with us

Call us today to start planning your special day!

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