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In a world where many feel isolated, Trinity United Church Community Centre stands as a beacon of unity and support. We're not just a church, but a village that combats loneliness with strength, solace, and love.

We understand the importance of community in our lives. In the past, people grew up in villages where everyone knew each other, and support was always at hand. Today, many people live alone, and children often lack the presence of caring adults in their lives. This shift has led to increased rates of depression and a sense of disconnection.

At Trinity, we aim to bridge this gap. For over 100 years, we've served as a community hub, providing a safe space for people to connect, support each other, and explore their spirituality free from judgement. Our core values of Kindness, Respect, and Fairness underpin everything we do, creating an environment where everyone feels at home, regardless of their religious or philosophical beliefs.

We're proud to be an inclusive, caring village. We celebrate the unique contributions each person brings, fostering a community where everyone feels seen, heard, and respected. We're more than a church - we're a community centre that actively contributes to our neighbourhood through supportive projects and inclusive events.

At Trinity, you'll find everything you never expected to find in a church. We're a place where love wins, where we draw strength and direction from the inspiration and example of Jesus, and where we experience together the Magic of Life and Love that some call God. We invite you to join us in making Trinity a vibrant, caring community.

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