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Great Hall and Kitchen

Our Great Hall is a spacious, attractive venue for parties, banquets, dances, and performances of all kinds.

Recently renovated and tastefully decorated, your guests will appreciate the ambience whatever the occasion. With acoustic panelling, a powerful sound system, and elevated stage, the hall is ideal for live music and theatre.

The Great Hall features:

  • Comfortable chairs and versatile tables

  • Plenty of space for dancing

  • A fully appointed, modern kitchen

  • Beverage service

  • A wheelchair-accessible stair lift

  • Two gender neutral washrooms

The kitchen is available for rent as part of your event, or on its own for your food preparation needs. It includes:

  • A large gas range and ovens

  • A high-speed convection oven

  • Industrial-sized fridge and freezer

  • Stainless steel surfaces and sinks

  • Tableware and dishwasher


Our beautiful sanctuary creates a bright, welcoming environment for weddings, memorials, live performances, film screenings, and more – with fixed seating for 250, and lift-accessible entrance and washrooms.

We’re happy to accommodate your use of the space, from formal ceremonies to large bands. Officiation for ceremonies is available at affordable cost.

A state-of-the-art audio and video system, ensures your guests will see and hear with perfect clarity. Live music is available in both traditional and contemporary styles, with an organ and band in-house. High ceilings make for excellent acoustics, making the sanctuary ideal for performing or recording with natural reverb.

No matter the occasion, Trinity’s sanctuary lends an air of dignity and warmth to make your special day complete!

Great Hall and Kitchen

For medium-sized groups, our junior and upper halls are versatile spaces with countless uses. With plentiful floor space and configurable seating, these halls are ideal for meetings, social gatherings, rehearsals, workshops, training and more.

The junior hall, in the lower level, has laminate flooring and ready access to other rooms.

The upper hall is carpeted, and comes equipped with a large flatscreen TV and sound system. Note: the upper hall is not wheelchair accessible.

Meeting Rooms & More

For small gatherings, conversations, and private events, Trinity has comfortable and accessible meeting rooms.

Our parlour seats approximately 20 on comfortable couches, or can be reconfigured for larger groups and more open seating arrangements. Light refreshments can be served from a nearby kitchenette.

The family room is a cozy space for up to 6 people, ideal for one-on-one or small conversations in a quiet, comfortable environment.

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