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Rev. Charmain Bailey, a jazz vocalist and Minister, returned to Trinity United Church to champion social justice, pastoral care, and community building. She became the first black person commissioned in the United Church of Canada, driven by her passion for equality and equity.


About Charmain

Rev. Charmain Bailey was born in Antigua and moved to Canada in 1995. She joined Trinity United Church in 2006 after discovering that it was a congregation whose theology and values were clear and identifiable. She launched herself into leadership in the community, serving on the Worship Committee and assisting the minister in Pastoral Care ministry.


Charmain began her discernment for accountable ministry in 2013 and commenced her studies for Diaconal Ministry a year later, graduating in 2022. Charmain served in Windsor at Bedford and Central United Churches and also as a chaplain at the UCC Windsor’s Downtown Mission, from 2015-2022. She is excited to have received a call to return to London and serve in her home church of Trinity United Church Community Centre,and Mount Zion.


​Charmain is a trained jazz vocalist, and incorporates that passion of singing with her ministry of presiding. The themes of her ministry are Social Justice, Pastoral Care and Community Building, and Charmain is enthusiastic about bringing these to her ministry as a Diaconal Minister.


This Spring, Charmain became the first black person to be commissioned in the history of the United Church of Canada, an honour she carries with pride and determination to champion equality and equity for all people.  Charmain enjoys cooking, hiking, adventure travelling, and spending time with her daughter Teala, who continues fills her with wonder, joy and pride day after day.

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