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Welcome to

Trinity on Hale United Church Community Centre

Who We Are

Your Village

In an increasingly disconnected world Trinity is a beacon of unity.


We're more than a church - we're a village combating isolation with strength, solace, and love.


We welcome everyone of good will, celebrate individuality, and foster a community where all feel seen, heard, and respected - a community grow with and build together!


Our foundation is three core values:

Kindness, Respect, and Fairness

If these values resonate with you, then you're our kind of people!


We welcome all kind people, embracing the beautiful diversity of:

Race / Culture

Gender Identity

Sexual Orientation

Religion / Philosophy

A Centre of Community

We transcend the conventional concept of a church.


We're a vibrant community centre that:

  • Actively contributes to our neighbourhood through supportive projects and inclusive events.

  • Advocates for those in need and collaborates with partner organizations.

  • Fosters a profound sense of belonging, creating a community of communities.

A Safe Space

Trinity is a judgement-free community for exploring inclusive spirituality, inspired by the teachings of Jesus

We respect and welcome all people of religions, philosophies, and identities, as long as they express themselves in love.

We prefer kind atheists over mean Christians - the only rule is the Golden Rule!

A Place to Gather and Celebrate

Trinity is your go-to venue for memorable events and productive workspaces.


We offer:

  • Perfect settings for weddings, parties, and celebrations.

  • Ideal spaces for meetings, workshops, and office needs.


Make your next big moment happen at Trinity!

Upcoming Events


Visit Us

Join us at Trinity United Church Community Centre in London, Ontario for a vibrant and interactive Sunday service like no other. Our engaging and fun-filled worship experience starts at 11 am, offering a welcoming space for everyone.

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